Clynnog-fawr / Gryn Goch - Waterfall.


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Clynnog-fawr / Gryn Goch


Afon Hen

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: Nil

        OS Landranger Map: 115

                   Map Reference: SH414478

    Approximate Post Code: LL54 5NW

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Picture to follow.

Access: Take the A477 from Caernarfon towards Pwllheli. Pass through the Clynnog-Fawr and there is a very small turning on the left. We parked next to the road. Walking along the lane past the small farmstead of Cwmgwared and into the wood. The path is signed to the left and when we went had been recently cleared. It opened up to a good path and a the blue bells were out. We climbed steadily and the water could be heard to our right down a steep bank. The path deteriorated and finally terminated with a post in the middle of a bog. The top of the waterfall could be seen but we couldn’t get a good view from any point due to thick foliage.

At the bottom of the hill there was a track leading directly towards the bottom of the fall and I wonder if that would be the better route.



Comment: Haven’t tried underneath the fall, this might be better.

Hen in Welsh apparently means; Old, Ancient, of old, pristine.

The hill Bwlch Mawr is a Blank High Place and the bog Corsyddalfa is an Arresting Bog.

If you are in any doubt the Cwngwared apparently means Valley ‘get rid of’ or riddance.


The blue bells were nice!


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