Pontneddfechan - Lower Ddwli / Waterfalls.


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Lower Ddwli / Waterfalls.

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Nedd / Nedd Fechan.

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: 12

OS Landranger Map: 160

Map Reference: SN904098

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Access: Two main options Both start the same. Travelling the A465 from Merthyr Tydfil towards Glynneath go towards Pontneddfechan, A4109. (Left off the duel carriageway). After going under the underpass take the first right at the first crossroads onto the B4242.

1. After a pub, The Angel, followed by the Pontneddfechans Public Conveniences. Park somewhere in this area and take the parked footpath opposite the WC and behind The Angel Inn, through some metal gates onto a well made up path which runs next to the river Nedd Fechan. After about 20 minutes there is an iron bridge where the river, Pyrddin joins Nedd Fechan. Cross the bridge and follow the path to the left hand side of the River Pyrddin until you reach Horseshoe Falls. (The author has not walked the route from the bridge at the junction with the River Pyrddin to Horseshoe Falls). Go to *


2.Follow the main road through Pontneddfechan and out of the valley towards Ystradfellte. After about two miles take a narrow road to the left to the bridge at Pont Melin Fach over the Nedd Fachan. Just past the bridge is a car park and picnic area. Follow the path down the river past lots of nice waterfalls until you reach Horseshoe Falls.


* Lower Ddwli Waterfall is a short distance up the river and within site of Horseshoe Falls. Unless in heavy flood you can walk up the rock pavement. To view it more closely.



Comment: A lovely Guide to these and the other falls of Pontneddfechan.




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