Llyn Idwal - Unmarked


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List Number - 115

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Llyn Idwal



OS Outdoor Leisureô Map: 17

††††††† OS Landrangerô Map: 115

††††††††††††† ††††Map Reference: SH644589

††† Approximate Post Code: LL57 3LZ

Rating (1 is low,5 is high): 

Access: This is on the A5 between Capel Curig and Bethesada.When travelling in that direction as you come to the end of Llyn Ogwen you will see signs for a car park, toilets, youth hostel etc. on the left. Stop here (Pay and display). All the waterfalls here are around Llyn Idwal.


Well used, loads of students of all ages, easy paths and on a clear day nice views. Interesting stuff for everyone from folklore, geology, flora, fauna, rock climbers, birds and often even jet planes. The waterfalls are interesting too but could not say magnificent. Taken in context there are more than two waterfalls here. The scenery is good. Donít miss it was half a day for the fit us. So now it would be a day with the Ogwen Falls



Comment: Good walk.


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