Penderyn - Lower Cilhepste /Waterfall.


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List Number - 12

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Lower Cilhepste /


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Afon Hepste

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: 12

OS Landranger Map: 160

Map Reference: SN927099

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Access: This, as far as I can see is a fairly low water version of Scwd yr Eira / Waterfall. Basically if you are at that waterfall you walk along the bank to its right going down stream. There will become apparent a very narrow path which is fine if you have good concentration, coordination, practice, strength and fitness. It then goes against all of your instincts to stay with the river as the path veers away from the very thing that you want to see. Follow the path. But after it drops down to a flat area, bear to your left back towards the river. Having done a 210-degree back to the river some of this waterfall is visible. It seems that even in this apparently isolated spot there was industrial activity as this picture was taken from a stone built wall leading into the river. Perhaps a mill?


Sites of modern open fires on the flat area near to the fall make me think of the need for escape from the watchful eyes of others. A freedom, a need, to have space to ones self.



Comment: This was not so easy to video and this picture was taken in a low water summer!


A lovely Guide to these and the other falls of Pontneddfechan.




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