Gwyn Arms / Glyntawe - Scwd Ddu / Unmarked.


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List Number - 25

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Scwd Ddu / Unmarked.

English Name:



Gwyn Arms / Glyntawe


Afon Haffes

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: 12

OS Landranger Map: 160

Map Reference: SN829180

Approximate Post Code: SA9 1GS

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Scwd Ddu copyright Access: This waterfall is very close to the famous Dan y Ogof Caves. I am told are well worth a visit. On the A4067 between Abercraf and Defymog, which is probably as clear as mud? Park near Glyntawe at Tawe Bridge. There is a Public House on the side road that makes a good place to stop after the walk. Cross the road and follow the path a short way up the right hand side of the river Haffes before fording it. When we went the first time the river was quite low and we walked along its sides up towards the falls. It makes a nice walk but the old red sandstone rocks are like ice even in summer. The river disappears at points and this is true pothole country. There was a sign on the first visit, hand painted warning of the dangers to life in trying to cross the river in flood. The next time we went the sign was still there and quite high up but covered with the results of flood. This river is dangerous in flood. Perhaps a better way would be to visit the caves and park there or the Shire Horse Centre taking the footpath to the left hand bank. Follow it up a steep path high onto the hill. After about a mile and a bit you will see an area of very black peat. Cut of the track to the right towards the waterfall. Walking back if you fancy along the ridge overlooking Cwm Haffes cutting back to the path before it drops down to the valley.



Comment: Warning: Very slippery! Lots of shake holes. Watch where you put your feet.


The first time I went we walked up the Cwm. That was fine but it was quite hard work but not uninteresting. At the end of the Cwm we saw a waterfall. Not quite as majestic as I felt it should be but what with one thing and the other decided that we had achieved our goal. A nagging doubt prevailed all the way back and what we had seen was not the aim. A nice walk, never the less, but another trip was called for. I like this area and it could make for an interesting few days to explore this area more fully in the future.


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