Resolven / Resolfen - Waterfall.


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Melincourt / The Court of the Mill / Melin Court


Resolven / Resolfen


Melin Court Brook

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: Nil

        OS Landranger Map: 170

                   Map Reference: SN826017

    Approximate Post Code: SA11 4EE

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Melincourt jan2004

Access: To get there turn off the A465 Merthyr Tydfil to Neath road to Resolven. Drive through the village, (lots of 20 mph signs) as the houses get more spread out you go over a bridge and will see a car park to the right. Picnic tables and the like.


Cross over the road and take the good, wide path up the right hand side of the river (there is no other!) until you reach the falls.


There are two of them.  Waterfalls being dependant on water are best visited after prolonged rain. Usually in this Country at any time of the year. I like the waterfalls so would generally say between January and late May. Often November onwards



Comment: There was a very large water mill here. Good path. Easy Parking.

Painted by Turner in 1794.

Michael Faraday visited the falls a few years later on a wet Tuesday 20th July 1819. I have a copy of his account of the visit, which makes interesting reading.  I will try and make available in due course.

Two links show the difference a bit of rain makes:


Just Google it and you will find lovely pictures and lots of info.


On Tuesday 20th July 1819 Michael Faraday visited these falls as part of an afternoon ‘ramble’.  Having read his account I feel that this was just before it was spoilt by industrialisation of the Neath Valley. It is today very pretty with interesting trees and they say rare and exotic ferns.


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