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Janet’s Falls


Garreg-ddu Reservoir



OS Outdoor Leisure Map: Nil

        OS Landranger Map: 147

                  Map Reference: SN897641

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Jans fallsAccess: Drive out of the Elan Village on the B4518, which then turns, into a single-track road running next to Caban-Coch Reservoir. When you reach the divide between Caban-Coch Reservoir and Garreg-ddu Reservoir turn left over the dam. At the other side on the right is a forestry track area where there is often parking places. Below the forestry track is a gate and a farm track (shown as a footpath) going along the side of the Garreg-ddu Reservoir. After a while there is a small bridge and just after a path (not public right of way) is on the left and leads up Cwm Coel to the smaller and main falls. Above the main fall is a series of smaller falls.



Comment: My wife fell down next to this one. Suffered concussion, a fractured cheekbone and a whole host of side effects! A bank gave way and it all happened in a flash. She was very lucky to have not hit any rocks. I would recon it took her two years to recover from this fall. Be warned!


The photo was March 2004 two days after Jan’s fall. She wasn’t there!

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             “coel [-ion, f.]

(n.) belief, trust, faith, credit, credence

(belief, trust, faith) Coel is ultimately to do with omens and casting lots, and tends to get associated with "ofergoel" (superstition) but apart from overtones like this, it is essentially interchangeable with "cred" and it shouldn't ever cause offence to use either to tell someone that you believe what they say, or anything like that.

(credit) Coel is the type of credit you can use to buy things.”




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