Crynant Forest - Unmarked.


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Crynant Forest


Tributary of Tawe

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: Nil

OS Landranger Map: 160

Map Reference: SN764064

Approximate Post Code: SA9 2DR

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Access: Follow the forestry track up the hill. To the left there will be a view over Tareni Gleision. Just after the fields disappear there is a newly, (2008), built forestry track to the left and another to the right. Turn left and after about 400 yards along the track the waterfall will be seen to the left. There is a lot of forestry work going on in the area so all may change.


Can also walk past Tareni Gleision, which was once a farm, but now boarding kennels (2008) where there is a public footpath across several fields under the electric pylons to the waterfall.


Warning: Watch out for old rusty barbed wire at the left hand side of the stream as you look towards the waterfall and sometimes low down on the bank right next to the stream and some higher up. The forestry paths are rough with quite large stones, which make walking difficult in softer footwear.


Comment: Park in a lay bye next to forestry track about half a mile before Tareni Gleision.


There was work in progress in the large area just prior to Tareni Gleision 2005.


I will improve the access info in time!




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