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Access: On the B 4518 at Staylittle, when travelling from Llanidloes and Llanbrynmair turn right in the village onto an unclassified road which will take you uphill. Take or keep to the left at the first junction onto the top. To your left if it is clear will be fields, a forest (if they haven’t cut it down) and wind turbines a little further away. No sooner than you are up the hill than you are back down the other side. Take the next right I seem to remember that there are no right of way signs. Follow the road until there is a fairly large area on your left a forestry track to the right, a farm entrance in front and a river to your right. From here I am not sure. I did it sort of commando if you know what I mean? So I think wouldn’t do that. Write to the farmer, phone him ask and you have a very easy trip if he says yes and there is no reason to suppose he wouldn’t. An easy walk up to his farm across well used tracks to a nice viewing point!

Or fairy easy and I suspect a nice walk, go along the forestry track and skirt round the top of the fall to the fields that we took this picture from.

It was a bit of a challenge not so much physical as that we had a collie dog on a lead and the track to the west of the river through the woods was hard and not defined. The fields were a place of work and although it was known we were there and we were left alone I would have preferred that we had asked! It would have just been better manners!



Comment: In his excellent book “The Waterfalls of Wales”  John Llewelyn Jones says: “ To reach the waterfall on the River Trawsnant, leave the village of Staylittle by the road running west to Felin Dyrnal (Shown as Dvrinol on Get Map?).  From the old mill (?) there is a vestigial track along the western bank of the river, and the waterfall is sited about a mile upstream, where the river is interrupted by a series of hard rocks.”


Clearly neither of us are clear over this, don’t you think? The fall I filmed was a tributary of the River Trawsnant. So either I have filmed a waterfall that is a different fall, that has happened before, or there is another on the River Trawsnant. I don’t know the area to comment and wish I had the recourses to peruse! Information would be happily received on this matter.


This is difficult! You go places several times; it costs time, a lot of effort, lots of money. This, however, is the difficult bit, trying to relay it, in a helpful, useable form! Mr Jones, (No not that wimp Indiana Jones, ”. “ Indi! That’s the dogs name!”), has been my guide for this quest for the past 12 years. Has he not given me lots of challenging experiences in a different country (‘Principality’, but I say, ‘Country’), with a mysterious language and a friendly culture (Got to say that, mother in laws Welsh! Joking aside she was fantastic.)


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