Dylife - Ffrwd Fawr.


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List Number - 48

Name on maps:

Ffrwd Fawr.

English Name:





Afon Twymyn

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: Nil

        OS Landranger Map: 135/136

                   Map Reference: SN874941

Rating (1 is low,5 is high): 

Access: This one is very easy. Before I was interested in waterfalls I drove past it several times without knowing there was a good view of this fantastic, deep gorge and very high waterfall.

To get there when travelling along the B4518, from Staylittle / Penffordd-Las towards Pennant; these are small villages. About two miles from Staylittle turn left onto a wide unclassified road signposted Dylife. After about three quarters of a mile there is a long lay bye on the right. Stop here get out of the car and the valley will spread out in front of you. The waterfall to the left. I suppose it is less impressive in summer. It appears that many people go into the farmer’s field to get a better view. The author of, “The Waterfalls of Wales”, John Llewelyn Jones, warns that; “especially after rain the approach can be as slippery as glass, and they should keep well away from the edge of the giant gorge”. In snow and ice I prudently declined the better view was from behind the fence!




Comment: Park next to it in a lay-bye.


The Icicles in this picture are about 12 feet long!


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