Crynant Forest - Unmarked.


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Crynant Forest


Tributary of Tawe

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: Nil

OS Landranger Map: 160

Map Reference: SN758066

Approximate Post Code: SA9 2DS

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Access: A474 from Neath to Pontardawe. At Gellinudd turn right. At the next crossroads turn left going along this road past the turning to Cilybebyll. Keep on almost to the farm Tareni Gleision. Here there is a large area, which is big enough for parking. Take the gate down the hill following the track towards the gold mine, which in January 2004 was still active. At a point, which when we went was not obvious, the footpath goes down the hill at an angle on the bank under the gold mine. It was totally overgrown with brambles making the trek unpleasant. Almost at the bottom of the hill there is a well-used path. Follow this for a short while and you will be rewarded with this pretty waterfall.


Warning: The spoil heaps at the mine are unstable. Do not climb them!



Comment: I have the feeling that this could be disappointing in anything approaching dry weather. It is thought that it would be easier to do this from the villages at the bottom of the hill due to the obviously well used paths.


My adult son is about half way up the waterfall, about a third of the way up the picture on the left hand side. A black coat makes him indestinct.



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