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Access: A465(T) from Merthyr Tydfil towards Neath. Go Past Hirwaun. Turn left on the A4109 going under the A465(T) and taking the first right (at the traffic lights?) onto the B4242 towards Pontneddfechan. In Pontneddfechan pass the public toilets and take the first right. This is the entrance to a housing estate. Keep going and at the end of the road is a very narrow bridge over the River Mellte, (Afon Mellte), followed by a car park. This is well used as youth groups, climbers and walkers all come and go from here. There is a closing time and it is locked so be wary.

Climbers use the impressive, Fortress Rock, a cliff face that dominates this location. Your route as the other path next to the River Sychryd has at the time of writing (2006) been declared unsafe. Go up a path to the rear of the car park, closer to Afon Mellte and next to Craig y Ddinas (or Dinas). After a while one reaches a flattish area. A little while further on bear right down past the old Dinas Silica Quarries. Pass the bridge and remain on the left hand side of the bank. Enter the river just below the fall and a good view can be had from the right hand bank when going upstream.

This should have been so easy to find but for some reason it wasnít. The bracken in August was high and conceals drops, boulders and brambles. Eventually we found it but is really was an effort. People donít seem to go there which is a shame as it is a reasonably pretty waterfall. Next to the waterfall there is an old pathway, cut into the side of the hill, leading high up out of the valley. Itís easy walking to the top and then nothing but a barbed wire fences so not a good route. You can see everyone through the trees 100 feet below you but canít get there, as itís a sheer drop! Over the fence works but is not permitted! So the message is go back to the path to the north of the river it is the easy option.



Comment: Warning: Do not enter the river after heavy rain.

This Google Map link shows the trees over the waterfall in the centre of the map. The triangular field to the north points towards the Old Silica Mines and the waterfall is immediately to the East of that field about 100 feet below.


Pictures from inside the Silica Mines.


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