Strata Florida, Near Pontrhydfendigaid - Waterfall / Unmarked.


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List Number - 66

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Waterfall / Unmarked.

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Strata Florida, Near Pontrhydfendigaid



OS Outdoor Leisureô Map: Nil

††††††† OS Landrangerô Map: 147

††††††††††††† ††††Map Reference: SN784647

Rating (1 is low,5 is high): Not visited.

Access: Not visited. But we went as far as the river. The road was very narrow and there was snow everywhere. The local farmer had put his large bails of hay in the lay-bye to feed the sheep so there was no where to park. I canít blame him as it was very bleak and it must be hard at the best of times to make any sort of living here. Still Iím sure in summer itís as pretty as a picture so at some point we may get a chance to return in a May following a wet April!



Comment: Strata Florida Abbey (ruins) close by. Have not visited the waterfall but from the size of the river expect one star or below.

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