Festiniog - Rhaeadr Cynfal / (Waterfall).


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List Number - 93

Name on maps:

Rhaeadr Cynfal / (Waterfall).

English Name:





Afon Cynfal

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: 18

        OS Landranger Map: 124

                   Map Reference: SH703412

    Approximate Post Code: LL41 4PU

Rating (1 is low,5 is high): 

Access: You have lots of choices with this group of falls. If you are in Ffestiniog. You leave the village on the south side taking the footpath prior to the railway line across the fields, towards the wooded valley to the south.


If you are in a car you could park opposite Cynfal Fawr, which, when (if) I have time I will expand upon, and walk across one..or was that two fiends to the Victorian Footbridge. Please walk both ways and not just the obvious path.


The third way is to come off of the A470,(T) so a fast road, and the turning is on a bend, Bont Newydd where on one side there is a Saw Mill(?) and the other, after a little way, some houses. There is a lay bye here and I have the feeling that you car might not be too safe. Once you walk through the trees to the river, the world changes to a fantasy of greens and whites. The natural world and not the unceasing clamour of our world.  I try and capture this on video as my son whom I envy for his artistic eye takes wonderful still pictures. It was a lovely walk. I suppose it would have been two to three miles long and we took all afternoon. He is walking fit and I suspect that I was at that point reasonably fit. Nothing was very difficult except for testing whether there was anything below the obvious public end to the falls down stream. Well I always was curious. However, local knowledge would be nice and it was curtailed as always by a limitation of time.





Comment: Do the wooded valley from end to end on the path. It’s worth it.

Picture by: R.W. Underwood.


We went there three times. It wasn’t at first apparent what all the fuss was about. Hugh Lloyd’s Pulpit was interesting and still deserves a lot of research. However the Victorian interest denoted by the rails and bridge is not quite what this is all about. The best walk in May would be to the south and there are bluebell, woods and lots of soft, gentle, picturesque waterfalls. Punctuated by railway arches, high in the trees. It is a lovely walk in this month.  The main waterfall, picture was taken by my son, who catches this feeling perfectly. 


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