Pont yr Afon Gam - Rhaeadr-y-Cwm.


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List Number - 94

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Pont yr Afon Gam


Afon Cynfal

OS Outdoor Leisure Map: 18

        OS Landranger Map: 124

                   Map Reference: SH738417

     Approximate Post Code: LL41 4PT

   Rating (1 is low,5 is high): /

94Access: This is easy, but you can miss it completely. You take the B4391 form Ffestiniog towards Bala. After you have travelled about two miles up the hill you will see a parking area on the right. Pull into it and you may be confronted with a fairly nice waterfall on the hillside opposite. Nice but not spectacular. Strange but if you get out of your car, walk out of the car park, turn left towards Bala and walk a few yards and you will come across a viewing area of the actual waterfalls.


There again you could park by the old filling station. Use the café, and walk down the footpath to where this picture was taken, just below this elusive viewing platform.



Comment: Next to road but must stop and walk back to viewing point.


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